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      Phosphorus in Diet

      Phosphorus is a mineral found in most foods, but it is especially high in milk, cheeses, bran products, lima and kidney beans, peas, yogurt, nuts, and even chocolate.

      As kidney function decreases, the kidneys lose their ability to filter out the excess phosphorus that comes from the diet. Consequently, the phosphorus builds up in the blood and causes calcium to deposit in the blood vessels, increasing your risk of heart attack and stroke. A high phosphorus level may also cause your bones to become weaker, increasing your risk for fracture and joint pain.

      High Phosphorus Foods to Avoid:

      • Milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream
      • Biscuits, Bran cereals
      • Oatmeal
      • Peanut butter
      • Liver
      • Dark colas
      • Chocolate
      • Pudding, custard
      • Dried beans and peas
      • Beer
      • Nuts
      • Brown rice
      • Whole wheat bread
      • Pancakes
      Phosphorus Diet Phosphorus Diet

      Most fast foods, canned, and ready to eat foods have a high amount of phosphorus as an additive.

      Low Phosphorus Foods to Try Instead:

      Phosphorus Diet
      • Coffee, tea
      • Popcorn
      • Frosted flakes, corn flakes, frosted mini wheats
      • White bread, grits, bagels
      • White rice, rice krispies, corn or rice chex
      • Vanilla wafer, graham crackers
      • Cream cheese, non dairy creamer, cream of wheat
      • Angel food cake, apple newtons

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