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      Nutrition and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

      We at Middle Tennessee Nephrology want to help you understand the impact of diet and nutrition on the health of your kidneys. Dietary discipline can make you feel better and live longer. Your diet can influence your quality of life and can slow progression of chronic kidney disease. It can also delay or even avoid need for future dialysis.

      Your diet is one thing that is in your power to control. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and vascular disease are the main conditions that cause CKD. Nutritional discipline in treating these conditions is very important and can help you prevent the consequences of these conditions.

      Diet and lifestyle recommendations in different stages of kidney disease:

      Chronic Kidney Disease Stages 1-2

      • Sodium restriction
      • Exercise and weight loss
      • Strict blood control (for diabetes)
      • Smoking cessation
      • Cholesterol screening
      • Adequate Vitamin D intake
      • Adequate calcium intake

      Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3 - All of the above +

      • Modest protein restriction
      • Low potassium
      • Low phosphorus

      Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 4 - All of the above +

      • Phosphorus binders may be needed
      • Synthetic Vitamin D prescription may be needed for high parathyroid levels (usually associated with lower calcium levels)
      • Calcium intake may be increased depending on phosphorus levels and calcium levels in the blood
      • Sodium and fluid restriction may become even more important ("fluid tablets" may be needed)

      Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5

      • Limiting sodium, fluid, phosphorus, potassium become stricter
      • Phosphorus binders, calcium intake, synthetic Vitamin D also become more commonly prescribed
      • Protein intake will need to be increased
      • Dialysis unit dietician will tailor the diet for every person on dialysis

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